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LED review of 43 Common Name Diseases Alcoholism toYeast
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Alcoholism -check Toxins-Solvent(ethyl alcohol),Metal(beryllium),Mold(ergot) some suggest detoxify ergot with glutamine (500mg),
                    B-50 complex &niacinamide (500mg) before meals

Allergies -check liver,clogged bile ducts, pathogen contaminates

Alzheimer's -check Pathogens Toxins of body brain

Autism (child) -check Pathogens-detected same category in CAN Autism kids

Burning Numbness -check nerves,Toxins(Metals,Molds) Mercury,Ergot check Toxins(Metal) feet fingers; Pathogens, Bacteria, Shigella-etc

Cancer -check destroy Pathogens Toxins ?Liver cleanse,redo CA-125 PSA test

Dementia(Memory Loss) -Not from Aging;check Remove any Toxins ?clear Liver

Depression -check remove any Pathogens Toxins affecting brain; find Bacterias passed by pets, raw food, unsanitary hands & Liver may need Cleansed

Digestion -burp bloat gas shows Pathogen-bacteria present; light brown stool; remove Pathogens & Liver Cleanse clears Liver bile & dark brn stools result

Diabetes -check Pathogens Toxins especially Parasites Solvents; if child- remove diet of processed products from bottle, can, package but sterile
                 milk consider fenugreek seeds, bilberry & chromium (glucose tolerate factor)

Fatigue (Chronic) -check blood sugar;adrenals,liver, pancreas islets are main sugar regulators; check Pathogens Toxins for Viruses Solvents; look
              into supplements of Vitamin C; B2/B6 and chromium(GTF) by your MD

Fever -check remove any Pathogens-Bacterias; eat self-prepared sterile foods

Flu -check remove any Pathogens-Bacterias, Viruses; discovered new virus during Dec1999/Jan 2000 of Hong Kong Virus with a 6 day 4 hour life.

Fluke Disease -intestinal, sheep liver, pancreatic, human liver are 4 varieties and reported effects by others:

in uterine wall causes bleeding cramps;
in fallopian tubes causes endometriosis;
in kidneys causes lupus or Hodgkin's;
in brains causes alzheimers, parkinsons and multiple sclerosis;
in liver causes cancer;
in pancreas causes diabetes;
in thymus(intestinal) causes HIV which transfers to penis vagina.

Gallstones crystals -occurs after taking anti-biotics or eating meat fed growth hormones with anti-biotics, results in blocked gallbladder, poor digestion,
weight gain, higher cholestrol, begins artery plaque formation, higher blood pressure, heart disease begins and Liver cleanse may clear if NO Pathogens or Toxins.

Glacoma -check high blood pressure, no caffeine, check Toxins( Metal)

Heart Disease -check & remove any Pathogens, Toxins, Obstructions

Herpes-HSV-1 is cold sores;HSV-2 is genital sores,EBV is Epstein Barre Virus; HZ is Herpes Zoster or shingles, chicken pox; CMV is Cytomegalovirus. It lives
           in nerve centers. Check & remove Pathogens-Viruses.

High Blood Pressure -check & remove Toxins, no caffeine, check kidney or liver for stones or crystal Obstructions,

HIV-AIDS -Human Immunodeficiency Virus & Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome check & remove Pathogens Toxins; Are Parasites & Solvents cause.
                 Does B2 (300 mg 3 times day) help detox Solvents?

Insomnia -a sleep disturbance may be caused by Pathogen Toxins.  It was suggest the source may be parasites and solvent like ammonia in body.

Kidney Stones -there seven types of stones and crystals Obstructions; kidneystone cleanses take 21 days to dissolve all stones at $30 cost.

Manic Depression -check Pathogens Toxins(PT) affects brain migraines; your MD keeps you on lithium 1/2 yr until PT gone;keep lithium handy if reinfected

Muscle Diseases -check for Pathogens Toxins especially Parasites Metals.

Muscular Dystrophy -check & remove Pathogens Toxins; parasites, solvents such as xylene or toluene affect brain & nervous system; do not overlook metals.

Myasthemia Gravis -check & remove Pathogens Toxins such as bacteria, parasites or solvents & metals.

Schizophrenia -check & remove Pathogens Toxins such as parasites,Mold and metal toxins. They lead to brain nerve reactions ending in irritability,
                         depression, anger and violence as previously reported.

Sclerosis-  Richard Pryor and Annette Funicello reported with it.
Multiple -check & remove Pathogens Toxins Obstructions; affects brain

Amyotropic Lateral -check remove PT;affects spinal cord

Skins Problems-
Cysts, Rashes, Hives, Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema-

if cysts - check PCB in detergent;
if rashes - check remove Pathogens, Toxins, Obstructions as Mold,Yeast,Metals;
if hives - check gallstones;
if acne - check pathogen-bacteria;
if psoriasis or eczema - check pathogen- bacteria.

Seizures -check remove Pathogens Toxins such as bacteria, parasites & viruses in and around brain & any metals or solvents

Sleep Apnea -check for swollen throat tissue, snoring and remove Pathogens Toxins, look for swollen heart and passing out in middle of day.

Tremors -poisoned brain nerves controlling hands & arms; check Toxins of everything you breath, eat, drink or contact.

Warts -check remove Pathogens such as bacteria, parasites & viruses

Weight -if overweight check Pathogens Toxins for Metals, Bacterias, parasites and liver cleanses remove gallstones.

Yeast infections -check remove Pathogens such as candida which affect the mouth, covered skin, vagina and digestive system.

Check with your doctor so that he guides you any process.