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LifeEnergyDynamics Protocol Remedies:SelfCures Cleanses Supplements

Remedy choice Self-Cures, Kidney & Liver Cleanses, Supplements
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You may use non-evasive Positive SELF CURES( 1 hr) with special customized copper rings held up to 1 hour, any needed Kidney
(21days) and/or Liver (overnight) cleanses, and use supplements to remove artery plaque from Heart or Neck arteries(1-30 days). The
protocols cleared my Pathogen, Toxin, Obstruction condition.  READING results reduced my Negative Life Energy to (0) zero. Protocols read
for any  rare, incurable, chronic, infectious or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) on same day.  READINGs, Self-cures are done 99%
in 1 day and obstructions are clear in 1 month. Therafter, protocols marinate chicken, beef or pork to be organic.  We suggest soaking ALL
FRUITS & VEGETABLES in 10% apple cider vinegar solution 10 minutes and in clean water 3 minutes to remove 90% of insecticides,
pesticides & fertilizer.

SELF CURES (eradicates Pathogens,Toxins and pretreats Obstructions)
This is a non-evasive, strong positive Life Energy (overwhelming safe) eradicates negative Pathogens, Toxins and pre-treats Obstructions. 
It is completed within one hour.  It has consistently safely removed (listed and to date unlisted) Pathogens, Toxins and pre-treat Obstructions (PTO). 
PTO's cause Heart Disease, (Breast) Cancer, Herpes, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Hepatitis B C, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Shingles and most other illnesses.
 If you have a Disease, protocols identify the Pathogens, Toxins or Obstructions and you use safe proven Self Cures for one hour.

A new development to sustain good health is drinking naturally pure Diamagnetic Water or wear D-ring continually for 6 hours for 24/7
protection & replace every 30 days.

To access the Liver and Kidney cleanse:   15liver.html