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BreastCancer-LED alternative to HDChemo, Radiation & Surgery
Standard Chemotherapy, High Dose Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery vs LED to eradicate
       Cancer Pathogens Toxins etc
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There are no foolish questions, if your instincts make you believe you have "C", please ask us for test, consider self cures  and do not die.
Breast, prostate, skin, leukemia, liver, lung or other cancer PTO"s can be eradicated but you must take action.

Long Island NY breast cancer history
The breast cancer cases prompted us to investigate for the cause.  We found radio-active toxic elements in groundcontinue
to contaminate area for 40+ years. We emailed results to NY lead hospital treating cancer cases but their chairperson did not answer.
We do not know whether group did not understand how READING for the cause or they may lose treating cancer case funds.  You decide.

Breast Cancer Case-one year ago and 4/24/2001

Ms Suzanne Somer reported breast cancer and choose surgery, radiation and misletoe extract daily to cure cancer cells.

READING was her condition for 4/2000. Her negative life energy (NLE) was -68.464% with 2 pathogens and 3 obstructions.  The
obstructions included 4 gallstone crystals clusters with a  -.07% NLE, 2 miscellaneous obstructions with -.24% & -.20%NLE or -.51%.
 Ms Somer 2 pathogens were custom READING New Discoveries with a -41.616% acquired 2/18/91 and -26.338% acquired 3/18/94 respectively. 
Both are attributed to her precancer life-threatening condition.

Ms Somer  4/24/2001 status is -34.871% a great improvement but still 2 pathogens, 2 obstructions and still life threatening.  The
obstructions are 5 gallstone crystal clusters with a -.14% and one of two miscellaneous obstructions is gone and second reduced
to -.19% or -.33%. Her 2 pathogens are lower at -15.6% and -18.936% or -34.537%.

If protocol had her condition, protocol would have used self remedies to eradicate her two pathogens completely and second self remedies to pretreat obstructions.
 It would take about 1 hour holding special designed copper ring.  Thereafter, protocol would follow with a liver cleanse, no artery plaque detected
and brain has 5% diamagnetics protection which is normal but need 8.5 gallons of diamagnetic nature pure water. READING found
what other instrumentation cannot detect in the last 10 years.

Her specific READING will be forward to her directly and will delete this case data if she requests.
Ms Somers decision to avoid chemo saved her life based on READING.  Chemo toxicity would have her at D-level (death). The added
negative life energy of chemo toxicity is greater than lowering effect from surgery etc. Good Choice.

It was reported again and again Standard Chemo is Toxic to human body & more than (Breast) Cancer itself.
Now, records reveal High Dose Chemo (HDC) is a more toxic treatment and HDC test results were FALSIFIED.  Toxic Chemo dyes and
radiation treatment increase your negative life energy rapidly towards Death level.  You decide.

LED READINGS for  (Breast) Cancer non-evasively and Self Cures can eradicate pathogen toxin obstruction causes with no side-effects. 
LED accurately determines Pathogen and Toxin in your body and does not use any toxic dyes.

Why is HDC pushed as a solution to 45,000 (Breast) Cancer cases per year but 5,000 cases still die?  Is it the MONEY?  HDC treatments
charges start at $20,000 to $200,000 as reported by medical journals with no result guarantee.

Records fail to prove HDC patients are Disease free consistently as claimed.  Providers never guarantee to refund any of $20,000 to $200,000
charges if patient dies within 3-12 months.

LED READINGS for Pathogens, Toxins, Self Remedies can eradicate or No READING Donation. We Challenge Any (Breast) Cancer Support Group
using ineffective HD Chemo or Radiation, please contact us. Does HD Chemo guarantee cure for $20,000 to $200,000 charges? If Not, where
do you turn? How does more toxicity help?

LED offers a READING and strong positive life energy non-toxic solution.  If HDC fails to eliminate your Negative Life Energy and Pathogen/
Toxins causing your Breast Cancer, email us for help asap.  If your instincts are not sure about any HDC effects within 30 days, email us for
 immediate Life Energy READING.