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Objectives, Inoperable Curable Help & Educational Purposes Only
LifeEnergyDynamics Objective:test for disease&seek selfcures
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  READING for any Pathogen, Toxin, Obstruction causing any Disease
Protocol Objective is to determine Negative Life Energy & leads to any rare incurable Disease, (read for) source causing Disease and remedy corrections with Self Cures
to help cure Diseases Today.  Email your photo if your condition is not mentioned. Protocols have Futuristic help today.  This self help information is guide to familiarize
yourself, contact us and inform others.  Send information to any person needing health help. This protocol or technology is not affiliated to any organized group or
Edgar Cayce stated that his information was derived from essentially two sources: 1) the subconscious mind of the individual
for whom he was giving the reading; and, 2) an etheric source of information, called the "Akashic Records," which is  universal
database for every thought, word, or deed that has ever transpired in the earth. Protocols access Akashic Records.

Your Inoperable condition is Reversal but protocol below show results while others have limits. LifeEnergyDynamics has unlimited capability to READ for or custom
READ for any condition
in refined detail.  However, READING is not complete unless a non-evasive self cures can correct any READING. There may be inoperable or
unreversable diseases but please show me one.  The reading is DRY, factual but can save any person, animal or plant's life.

These successful combined health discoveries include a perfected READING, an absolute self-cure (for any reading) and made possible by an evaluating
Spiritual) ability to instantly recognize any dangerous health condition & its safest, quickest healing reverasal without further toxic or radical intrusion
. It works for us.
It will work for you. You must read it first to understand it so you are confident to use it.

The READING is universal for any person, animal or plant. The comprehensive self cures help safely eradicate any negative life energy (any disease cause) with stronger
positive life energy for any fragile living organism to sustain but quickly heal itself.  The Spirituality is learned not taught. It has guided us to attain mankind's highest pinnacle
of life and self healing.  It can prevent further toxic or radical body invasion to halt any premature death. It is extremely difficult to explain how our protocols attained more knowledge
about your life, your body health and can save your life.  Please make the right decision but ask the right questions.

This Site is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, each person with any (incurable) Disease should seek advice of a Physician regarding their disease condition and keep
open mind for alternatives available on worldwide basis as needed.

You found unique information, are eager to understand, utilize and can trust its wisdom to save life.  This treasure trove of life's wisdom tests for Negative Life Energy for
Quantity & Quality from a Photo or In-Person.  The non-evasive Self Cures safely eradicate negative life energy to extend your life.  It is your duty and responsibility to convey
 this information to those needing help.  They may live in your city, state, province or country. You understand our information is power.  You can use this Power now to save life
or extend LIFE.  Saving a life is the most powerful giving act known.  Help your friends, email their Photo and start them or yourself to a healthier life or recovery.