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LED tests 215 in 100th HS Grad Class to identify 14 Deceased
 "NEGATIVE LIFE ENERGY Study" Preliminary Indicator
A Colleague requested  protocols do Negative Life Energy test on the 100th graduating high school class.  They completed high school over 30 years ago and are having a reunion July 24, 1999.  Photos were submitted for 215 of 241 participants.

From 215, protocols  informed colleague of 13 deceased persons later confirmed by class record.
However,  advised of 1 other deceased person unknown to class, 12 A cases, 22 B cases, 31 C cases, 91 D cases, 44 E cases (all but two) over 500,000 negative life energy for 214. It was later confirmed back of deceased.

There was 1 perfect zero record which was Colleague who had done SELF REMEDIES and Liver Cleanses. The A, B, C, D and E cases need a full Life Energy Analysis. The A, B and C should have had it done yesterday. Protocols followed 12 negative Life Energy Cases.

"LIFE ENERGY DYNAMICS Extended Study of (12) Highest NEGATIVE LIFE ENERGY Cases"
A Life Energy Dynamics review summary of highest negative life energy cases show one to five negative sources per person.
It  included four different bacteria; (2-171) gallstones; (0-906) gallstone crystals; (0-33%) misc-artery plaque; four different metal toxicity (radio-active) ; three different parasites;  two different viruses; two wart viruses.

However, each person has one condition that exceeds 500k negative life energy which needs full Life Energy Dynamics and Self Remedies as soon as possible.  This FULL review shows how relevant Readings, Self Remedies and Liver Cleanses and Artery Plaque removal are to extend Quality of Life.