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LED finds TOXIN caused shooters irrational, violent behavior
 "COLUMBINE High School-Littleton,Co/
   HERITAGE High School-Conyers,Ga
   Santana High School-Santee,Ca"
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April 20th1999- COLUMBINE High School -Did Guns, TV or Music Cause  Shooting?
May 20th 1999-HERITAGE High School  -Did Guns, TV or  Music Cause Shooting?
March,2001-Santana High School-Revisit same conditions
None of Above is Correct.
No- These Circumstances Reasons did not kill people.  Why did "people kill other people here". REVIEW THIS CAREFULLY

The  undesirable, irrational, emotionless bombing in Europe had more negative Impact on the two boys and their Victims in
Littleton, Co and the one boy in Conyers,Ga  than we imagine.  Do you want to understand confused misdirected young boys
and prevent it from happening again? Well, it happened again in Santee,Ca in March 2001. WHY? LooK Below.

A Colleague requested us to do a LED READING-the day after Colorado Incident based on boys' condition retroactive to day
before the incidents. YES, it was done.

Ask yourself this -Did these boys demonstrate a Jekyll & Hyde, undesirable, bizarre behavior, say mean and cruel things,
express unusual, irrational thoughts, feel emotionless or unreal, have a temper, crying spells, frequent colds, feel super
 religious, hear voices of command or threat, have seizures or use any alcohol within last year
? (PhD stated this 1999 behavior
condition in 1995 book and LED measure it in 1999)

Is there any Doubt as to Yes or No for any or all?  Be Objective! Its YES

In 1995, a PhD described condition behavior in her book as "TOXIN".  "PhD author is absolutely right from our photo READING of
each boy".  The PhD book was a best seller years before either event. However, Focus on the boys condition as hindsight results are 20-20.

Can anyone measure Toxicity or know what it means besides LED READING protocol?  How bad did boys have TOXIN?  Is anyone
aware of any other protocol READING capable to test non-evasively for TOXIN both Quantitatively or Qualitatively. PROBABLY NOT

YES,  each Columbine boy had TOXIN, one boy since 3/20/98 and the other since 11/14/98. Did they have any other medical condition
contributing to their behavior? NO  One boy  was reported on anti-depressant drugs? It is not likely any other reason contributed based on
their READING results.  How accurate are READINGS? There are none better. It can save life by READING any disease cause.

The boys had  2 and 6 Oxidized Cholestrol Artery Plaque-Heart respectively besides the Toxin.  Can anyone or any institution provide
any better READING?  If so please send results directly to Jefferson County School Administration Ms Hammond and email a copy to us
on any objective test method.

Do not live in Colorado or Georgia, not an NRA member but what affects persons in Littleton or Conyers affects all of us.  The tests were
correct and accurate.

 HERITAGE High School-Conyers, Ga
YES,  again Heritage 30 days later, the Conyers boy READING 5/24/99 shows high NEGATIVE LIFE ENERGY.  The sources of NEGATIVE
LIFE ENERGY are principally a second Toxin -found in food since 2/21/99 and primary TOXIN since 12/20/98.

Besides Mold, there were two Gallstones Crystals, 1 (O.C.) Artery Plaque-Heart and since 5/22/99 Propyl Alcohol and Radium toxicity from
possible health exam.  It did not affect condition on Thursday 5/20/99.

What can be done?
These READINGS prove Toxin was the common thread and environmental health cause of the two Shootings at Columbine and
Heritage High Schools.
  This is a health issue NOT any other Reason Conclusion is justified. Community persons, students need to
Focus on the real Reason to improve the safety in schools or it will happen again.  The same conditions would probably be found in
other shootings in Kentucky, Oregon and Arkansas if time permitted.

Santee,Ca-Charles "Andy" Williams- What caused his behavior?
Toxin was detected in his body from ourREADING to the extent of 3,268k which higher than boys tested at Columbine or Heritage. 
Young Andy Williams has only had condition since November 8, 2000- 123 days today and he had no other pathogen, toxin or
obstruction from our test today.  This is definitely a health issue.  He could be reversed of this condition in less than 1 hour. 
Prosecuting is not answer, it requires immediate Medical Attention for him and every other violent behavior person in these circumstances.

What  can Positive Action accomplish in this matter?
It may take efforts of all fellow students, their parents, school personnel and local police to take Notice.  Surely someone must recognize
 students with this sick "unusual behavior". Lets get them positive health Help and prevent violence from happening over and over again.

Suggest a cooperative program run by students and overseen by adults ( parents teachers) to be effective.  If state wants to help each County
program, you need to do READING of unusual behavior persons. Once READ early, a Self Remedies program can remove TOXIN condition from
any student affected if all parties can agree to mutually participate.

The violence can only get worst until students, parents, teachers, school administrators and police work on a local program to protect their life.
 In the event you do not, look what happens when students become adults and have less supervision. It does not take much to show as the
 violence increases in young men and women in battery type cases for same health reasons.

What does it take to get your attention to do something positive about it today. Think about it.