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LED Unusual Cases: Toxins, Discovery&Famous Persons Diseases
Read Unusual cases Mold Toxin 12 yr;Propyl Alcohol 18 yr; fatal Pet disease and HPV; radio-active Polonium;
Parkinson disease of Billy Graham, Pope John Paul II, Mohammed Ali, Michael J Fox, Janet Reno;
Alzheimers of President Ronald Reagan;
Encephalitis of Lisa Minelli,
Prostate Cancer of Michael Milken; Don Nelson(Dal Mav coach)
Rare diseases of  Karen Duffy, Julie Andrews, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielburg and Walter Payton (see below data)
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New Discovery for Parkinsons , Alzheimers & Encephalitis patients See Diamagnetics ASAP

#1. 60 yr old female Doctor had for 12 years a Mold Toxin of CYTOCHALASIN B without Diagnosis,  located it in her Vaginal wall
using her photo and was 32 mm diameter; she confirmed growth size and location.  LED Tested condition from her READING Photo,
 told her initial contracted trouble date and she is 2500 miles away.

#2. 38 yr old male Doctor  had condition for 18 years Solvent Toxicity of PROPYL ALCOHOL without Testing protocols, stopped practicing
Medicine as No One could Test his condition in 18 Years and did it from his Photo READING.

#3. 43 yr old female Registered Nurse (20yrs)  had Deadly Parasite (from daughter's pet rodent) of  CAPELLARIA HEPATICA  (CH)
 unknown to Nurse and transmitted by use of common dishes,  she had HUMAN PAPILLOMA VIRUS per her Doctor but without protocol
prior knowledge of her Photo READING.  She later confirmed prior incurable HPV and Eliminated both HPV and Deadly (CH) in first Self Remedy.

#4. 59 yr old husband/wife each had Misc-blue algae fingus, radio active Polonium from excess smoking and first Self Remedy eliminated Polonium etc.
 She reduced smoking and he did not.   After 3 months, she had no new radio active Polonium but he has reinfected showing quarterly READING
and Self Remedies are needed.   Remember a husband/wife can have some similar conditions.

FAMOUS PERSONS who would most benefit from this READING & correction/Remedy are:
#1 Rev. Billy Graham;  Pope John Paul II; Pres.-Ronald Reagan;
#2 Other PARKINSONS'-Muhammad Ali; Michael Fox; Janet Reno;
#3 RARE DISEASES as Karen Duffy; Julie Andrews; Michael Milken;Walter Payton;Tom Hanks; C.A.N.- Autism Children.

Can LED Test them All?  Yes!!!   Do they want Help?  Everyone must make their own decision.  The longer you wait, the shorter your extended life.
 It is a very personal decision to allow one to save your life. We are presenting cases so we can gain your trust in our protocol by giving the scope of this method.

DETAILS of Famous Persons Worsening Condition Compared and Group Causes
#1 On 12/9/98, Mr Graham had 2 Pathogens and 3 Obstructions, Pathogens negative +50% & +60% on 10/30/99.
     On 12/9/98, Pope John had 2 Pathogens and 1 Obstruction, Pathogens negative +33% & +133% on 10/30/99.
     On 12/9/98, Pr Reagan had 3 Pathogens and 1 Obstruction, Pathogens negative -50%, +300%,+200% 3/20/99.

#2  On 12/9/98, M Ali had 2 Pathogens and 3 Obstructions, Pathogens negative -14% & +110% on 10/30/99.
     On 12/8/98, M J Fox had 2 Pathogens and 2 Obstructions, Pathogens negative same & +120% on 2/8/99.
     On 2/18/99, J Reno had 1 Pathogen and 2 Obstructions, Pathogens negative 99% but  same on 6/17/99.
     On 11/1/00, L Minelli had 2 Pathogens.
#3 On 12/9/98, K Duffy had 1 Pathogen and 2 slight Obstructions, Pathogen negative +33% plus 1 Toxin on 2/8/99.
      On 2/16/99, J Andrews had 2 Pathogens and 2 Obstructions, Pathogens negative 99% problem.
     On 12/19/99, M Milken had 2 pathogens and 1 Obstruction, Pathogens negative 99% problem on 6/17/99.
     On 12/06/00, D Nelson has 1 Pathogen & 1 Misc, Pathogen 99% problem for 6 months 5 days-get help asap.
     On 2/3/99, W Payton had 1 Toxin and 3 slight Obstructions, Toxin negative +261% on 10/24/99 prior to D level.
     On 3/20/99, T Hanks had 1 Pathogen/1 Toxin/3 Obstruct., Negatives +4% on 6/17/99.

     It is LED option to withhold S Spielburg before/after surgery results.  It is a mixed blessing to DO READING very accurately condition,
verify non-evasive Self Remedies that eradicate cause, see cleanses and supplements extend the life of people or pets and be unable to contact them. 
In time, those in really serious life threatening condition will reach out to contact LED in a timely manner.  It is a very personal decision to save
the sick but it is their choice to seek our protocol test life saving help.

Autism Children had 1 Obstruction but 1 or 2 of Same category Pathogens in 12 of the 12 cases tested from 20.

Everyone knows of an Unusual Case, Famous Person, President, Billionaire, 50 Most Powerful Women in 1998, 100th High School Class
NLE Study, shooting of  High School boy or Memorial Day Life Saved.   We make every effort to Help, everyone can pass information by
email to make others aware of this READING, Self Remedies, cleanses, artery plaque removal to save life.  Ask your Friends to READ web
page information completely.  It saves Life. It works if you think and decide right.