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How LifeEnergyDynamics tests for any disease causes & its Negative Life Energy
LifeEnergyDynamics Standard Identify & Measure Disease Cause
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LIFE ENERGY DYNAMICS (LED) explained (1-6) or summary #7
Life Energy (LE) travels around the globe at speeds of billion-light years per second from all species. LE emits specific signals of PTO from each of us,
Protocol recovers signal & measures each accurately,  from anywhere, using your photo as specimen or in person.  ( Be open-minded, reasonable & truthful in
 seeking any knowledge, look for a clear understanding and participate when you understand how these very safe solutions are shared with you.)

1.  Your Photo is your lab specimen, LED measures your Negative Life Energies. You have both a High and Low NLE.
2.  The two LE's differ slightly for Persons, Animals and Plants.
3.  LED established (measured) standards for Perfect Health for Persons, Animals and Plants.
4. Your Negative Life Energy (NLE) is measurement and is compared to a perfect High Life Energy and perfect Low LE.
5. To confirm #4, LED determines the source of each negative Pathogen, Toxin and Obstruction per category; identifies each specific Pathogen,
Toxin and Obstruction (PTO) within each category and measures negative level of each specific PTO source.

6. This PTO source (NLE) measurement corroborates the total differential from perfect High LE and Low LE.
7. These first six steps recheck READING twice for accuracy and if your NLE reaches D-level, you are Deceased.  These READINGS and self cures 
saved lives rather than consider surgery, toxic chemo or radiation methods.

PREVENT your premature reaching (Death) D-level, you may use non-evasive Positive LE Self Cures, Kidney and Liver cleanses. Safe Supplements
reduced (my negative levels to zero) artery plaque in Heart and Neck arteries in less than 30 days.

New Discovery shows Diamagnetics (naturally pure D water) is only 5% of all healthy persons.  All 5% is in brain but can be increased to 100%.  You can
drink ( 32+ days) four 8.5 ounces per day or 8.5 to 10 gallons of new D water to reach 100% or D-ring for 24/7 protection. Why should you consider 100%. Read below.

Charged diamagnetic (C) water was used in South America for 30 years, tested 12 years by Minister of Health and protocol tests reveal C water prevented obstructions.
The C Water required cell in water, maintained its properties for 20 hours and was effective within 20 hours. Charged diamagnetic (C) water whe you drink it, will
replace the body's dead water content of (tap, spring, bottled or distilled water) and  prevents obstructions.

New North America D water is naturally-charged, pure, diamagnetic and the water properties naturally repel pathogens, toxins & obstructions as confirmed by us. 
NEW D Water repels pathogens & toxins and prevents obstructions in your entire body.  New natural pure diamagnetic water can be drunk in 5 hours or initially
stored with a D ring before bottling to extend diamagnetic properties to 365 days   See link for Diamagnetic water.

Photo Required
The Protocol Special INTUITIVE READINGS for LIFE ENERGY Dynamics (LED). To perform, Protocol requires a recent full length client front view photo. The photo surface
must be untouched, stored in new envelope and scanned for email to us.  The person should not wear any jewelry, metal, make-up or eyewear in photo. Please
mention any metal or other implants and if you are right or left handed. LED is more accurate than DNA and fingerprints technology combined.

Focus on 21 to 85 year olds
Originally, protocol focused on persons with rare or incurable conditions. Protocols do not read persons with HIV, under  21 years or over  85 years as other test sources are
available. Once person, animal or plant condition has READING and Corrected, protocols recommend a quarterly follow-up to maintain best health.

To access Negative Life Energy: 3NLE.html