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LED fee prepaid/BANK Escrowed & based on your health (NLE)
LED performs 421+ tests for each person, animal or plant READING.  LED motivation is
to save lives. Donations or fees are $2500-25,000+ per person/pet for normal or custom READING
based on your $10,000-$100,000 income.  Details Below. The donations or fees are less than 1920-
1944 dollars.
Our information is  provided free of charge to you.

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This READING tests every person, animal and plant.  Diseases can be recontacted again & again.  You (not plants or animals)
have ability and motive to improve your health. Most lab tests cannot be done anywhere else and a lab charges over $100 for
each of 421 complex tests.  We screen each person with 421+ standard tests in a READING and custom READING thereafter if necessary.
 You will later need self remedies, liver cleanse, possible supplement if any plaque & diamagnetics if any brain dysfunction or D-ring
 for 24/7 health protection for you/your loved ones. A D-Ring is 5% annual income ($600 min/month) plus surcharge for 2% & 3% for TI & DMD.

Our focus is to help persons exposed to highest risks.  We can help save or extend their productive lives. If you are READ, self-remedy,
cleansed, supplemented and drink natural pure diamagnetic water or use D-ring,TI-ring,DMD-ring as noted, you can have perfect
health (zero NLE) or use annual READINGs. You have 1 life.

Donations or fees are based on degree of illness, your ability to pay and our time to help you.  It is a level application and can only save
or extend your life. Without our READING & technology, you die prematurely.  To reduce your risks, we suggest more people be
aware of how to eliminate disease and make a healthier populus.   A healthier population with reduced pathogens, toxins and
obstructions, slows aging process and provides an enriched lifestyle. Our personal health is perfect but to make your health better,
you need to read all information & make your own knowledged choice. All minimums are prepaid/BANK ESCROWED before Readings.

If your income exceeds $40,400, you donate same proportional percent.
If your negative LED is less than -20%,  you donate 12.5% percent of annual income ($2500min). The percent income donated
per person is fair and reasonable. 

If your negative LED is  -20 to -99%,  you donate a 25% percent of annual income ($25,000min). These are severe conditions and may
 be traditionally incurable or life threatening. These conditions normally require a custom READING requiring twice the time. 
The before
and after self remedy READING is provided same day.

If you have Brain Injury Concussion or Coma status, you must do above clearing protocols first.  Then more protocols do added custom READINGs for
 (1) Brain Cortex, (2) Pyramid Cell Layers#1-6, (3) Axions, (4) Dendrites & (5) Cell Membranes.  If a Coma status, you must have
added Reading for (6) Cell Connectivity Loss
.  Each step requires before and after Reading & Custom Rings.  You agree to donate
an added percent of your annual income ($25,000MIN)

Your life deserves the very best and you may want to participate in this method. Precise testing and safe self cures are vital for
person to survive. Protocols reverse negative life energy causes on same day; whereas a person is more negatively damaged  fatally from
chemo, radiation or surgery alternatives.

<>Email LED your phone contact, send your photoin advance and we can confirm any other requirements.
All files are strictly confidential. LED only wants serious persons. LED is not practicing doctors, do not give medical advice but can
improve your quality of life with results normally in 24 hours and your doctor should be able to confirm it. "If you do not understand
any detail,  please ask questions,  it is your Life."   Do not rely on outdated or traditional protocols as they may outdate you.  Life Energy
 Dynamics is specific and accurate. Everyone is responsible for their own health so look at LED examples very closely. If you do not understand
any READING, ask questions first so you are confident of your decision and results.