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LifeEnergyDynamics tributes 2Almighty Creator &Never Give Up
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LifeEnergyDynamics was Granted, Offered and Delivered by our Almighty Creator through us but not without our sacrifices
who now utilitze this wisdom to mend our body, mind and soul.  No extra-ordinary person has this knowledge or
understanding without help. Read pages several times, gain understanding and confidence, accept its wisdom and
recognize its trust. Your gained wisdom and trust can save your health. LED is not associated with any specific religion or group
but realize the source of our unique spiritual communications ability. Edgar Cayce stated " Akashic Records" are a universal
database for every thought, word and deed that has transpired in the earth.It probably includes every thought from
every eternal spirit who existed on the earth as well.

Reading or No Donation
LED Guarantees READING for any Pathogens, Toxins or Obstructions causing your disease or "No Donation". These
Readings are about your better health. Readings are before and after any self remedies.  The Self Remedies are with our Reading.

LED is a humbling experience and amazing Reading Tool.  It improves physical health, intellectual ability and guides
Spiritual awareness development. This Intuitive Spiritual method consistently finds any pathogens, toxins or obstructions causing
challenged Diseases, informs of corrections and Self Remedy Help.  To any person with doubt, the facts are presented, cases
and reasons stated. If any other method does not work for you, email LED asap. NEVER GIVE UP, LED READING is more
comprehensive and safe self remedies are most effective.  We can fight for your life but contact LED  If you know any better alternate method, email us.

LED and self remedies knowledge was Granted, Offered and Delivered by a our Spiritual Creator Benefactor through us with overwhelming
creative understanding of every aspect of man, woman, animals or plants to accurately mend each of our illnesses, diseases or conditions.

Thanks to all colleagues for their unconditional Trust, using safe Self Remedies and for their installing this information on the web.
Please focus as we locate your pathogens, toxins or obstructions, enhance Self Remedies and improve Quality of Life for you
and your family.   Your remarkable improved health results demonstrate the success of using LIFE ENERGY DYNAMICS READINGS.