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LifeEnergyDynamics finds NO Diamagnetic fluids in Parkinsons & Alzheimers brain
Diamagnetics (Dwater) protects brain function & promotes integration of life forms
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New Discovery Notice
The Diamagnetic fluid in healthy bodies is only five (5) percent but all of it is around the brain to protect it. 
Our body cells require drinking (rehydrating with) Diamagnetic water of up to 10 gallons for 100% protection.

Parkinsons,Alzheimers & Encephalitis test for NO Diamagnetic fluids in brain.  A powerful discovered Toxic
(shall remain unnamed) breaks down 5% diamagnetic properties in body.  The new added
diamagnetics protects the brain, repels all pathogenic micro-organisms if we attain 100% diamagnetics for toxin
pathogen protection.  If diamagnetic properties are destroyed in brain, the brain is unprotected from pathogenic
disease invasion.  Other brain dysfunction cases will be tested for diamagnetic repelling protection.

If you know someone with Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Encephalitis, you should first suggest testing, do self-remedies
to eradicate all pathogens and toxins plus any cleanses etc with protocols. The exact amount of water initially required for adult
is 1,040 ounces or 8 gallons and 2 cups  without parkinsons/alzheimers but  1,096 or 8 gallon, 2 quarts and 1 cup
if parkinsons/alzheimers AND 16-72 oz a day thereafter.  An infant baby requires 48 oz or 50 oz if parkinson/alzheimers
AND 6-27 oz per day thereafter.

Second, you can rehydrate entire body and brain for 32+  to 34+ days with at least four 8.5 ounce glasses per day of
Natural Diamagnetic water protected with new D ring or drink at water sites on same day to immunize your body and
brain with minimum needs after measured protocols.  This rehydration gives minimum 100% diamagnetic fluids to all cells. 
The water should repel and prevent all pathogens, toxins and obstructions from reforming.

The C cells were used with pure water RATED D-1 in South America country for 30 years and tested by its Minister
 of Health for 12 years before approval for prevention of obstructions only.
  New D water with D ring extends protection,
is RATED D-1million or drink water at well site on same day. Thereafter, avoid any dilution of other fluid intakes.  More
 information to be posted.  Natural pure Diamagnetic with D ring is one million times more effective and higher rating than C cell water.