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LifeEnergyDynamics Standard measures in Negative Life Energy
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This READING method established Perfect Health Life Standards, identifies specific Pathogens, Toxins and Obstructions negatively impacting
your perfect health and established remedies of Positive Self Cures and other protocols to eliminate Negative Life Energy.

What is Life Energy Dynamics? How is it determined? What is Negative Life Energy (NLE)?

1.  Life Energy Dynamics measures and established the standards for perfect health for persons, animals and plants.  LED  identifies measures
(READS For) imperfect health ills or Negative Life Energy.

2.  Every Disease can only exist in your body if you have Pathogens, Toxins or Obstructions.
     a. Pathogens are Bacteria, Mites, Miscellaneous, Parasites, Tapeworms, Viruses,Wart Viruses and Yeast.
     b. Toxins are Metal, Molds, Solvents and Unknowns.
     c. Obstructions are Gallstones, Gallstone Crystals, Kidneystones, Kidneystone Crystals and Artery Plaque-Heart or Neck.
    If you eliminate these pathogens, toxins and obstructions, you eliminate Disease and your immune system is clear.

3.  Persons, animals and plants emit life energy signals, life energy travels at the speed of billion-light years a second around the globe and each
individual signals can be measured and tested to these established standards.

4. LED measures the low and high of Life Energy to determine total Negative Life Energy from established Perfect Life Energy High and Perfect Life Energy Low.

5. Once the Negative Life Energy is calculated, it is necessary to seek the specific negative sources based on Pathogens, Toxins and Obstructions
contaminating the individual, animal or plant. Each Category and specific Pathogen, Toxin and Obstruction has its own identity, its specific quantitative
Negative Life Energy. When these are each totaled, they must equal that found in #4.

6. If the total Negative Life Energy reaches D level, the person, animal or plant is deceased.  To Prevent reaching the D-level based on this confirmed
READING, non-evasive srtronger positive life energy Self Cures can safely eradicate the Pathogens, Toxins and pre-treat the Obstructions.  SC eliminates
every listed, unlisted Diseases to date and lowers Negative LE. Review Life Saved on main page (newlife). It works Safely for a fragile 6 week infant or 86 year old heart patient.

7. You remove Negative Life Energy in steps after READING.  First you use Self Cures. Second, protocol may cleanse your adult kidneys. Third you may do an
adult liver cleanse. Fourth, you may do artery plaque reversal if you have oxidized cholestrol in your Heart or Neck arteries. You may drink 8.5 gallons of
naturally pure diamagnetic water in 32 days then quart a day or wear D-ring 6 hours continually for 24/7 protection and replace every 30 days.

There are three measured levels of Negative Life Energy as noted below.

Is your (Negative) Life Energy under -5%; -5 to -10% or exceed -20%?
What does each indicate?  Do you need the LIFE ENERGY to know sources of your Negative Conditions?  YES, Specifics can correct any condition! 
Zero is perfect score and your goal.

Under -5%: indicates Immune System Overload (ISO) affects liver, gallbladder and arteries (plaque).
SYMPTOMS: Do not go to toilet after each meal; have allergies; gain weight; high cholesterol; high blood pressure; breathe shortness; high stroke/heart
attack risk; clogged arteries.

-5% to -10%: indicates ISO and/or Advanced Serious Condition (ASC) affects any body part with or without Pain. Test for Bacteria; Mold toxins; Parasites;
Tapeworms; Viruses: Unknowns; Warts; Metal or Solvent Toxicity, etc.

SYMPTOMS: Any new Physical Limits.

Exceed -20%: indicates ISO or ASC or Life Threatening Condition (LTC).
SYMPTOMS: Advanced Physical Limitations; Rare or Undiagnosed Diseases.