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LifeEnergyDynamics Identifies Pathogens 12 Misc 41 Tapeworms
(N-new discovery)
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Artery Plaque-Heart (N) -plaque in artery that oxides normally from excess cholestrol
Artery Plaque-Neck (N)   -plaque in artery that oxides normally from excess cholestrol
Bryozoa Cristalla - moss animals
Blue Green Algae
EW Fungus
HRC Cold Virus
JWB Fungus
Mucor Mucedo
Rhizobrium Meliloti -gene track and helps in growth of alfalfa
Tooth Decay
Tooth Plaque

Cysticerus Fasciolaris         -cyst stage, pet tapeworm
Cysticerus FA (N)
Diphylidium Canninum             - dog tapeworm, mouth, infected dog by fleas, restlessness, diarrhea, non-sleep, teeth grind
Diphyllobothrium Erinacei - dog cat tapeworm, small intestine, mouth
Diphyllobothrium Latum         - fish broad tapeworm head, small intestine, mouth, undercooked fish
Echinococcus Granulosus     - dog small tapeworm, liver, lungs, brain, bones, mouth
Echinococcus G (N)
Echinococcus GA  (N)
Echinococcus GB  (N)
Echinococcus Multicocula     - pet tapeworm
Echinococcus MC (N)
Echinococcus MD (N)
Echinococcus ME (N)
Hymenolepis Cysticercoid     - pet small tapeworm
Hymenolepis CA (N)
Hymenolepis Diminuta     - rat small tapeworm, cyst from grain beetle/flour moth, eat contaminated insects or grain
Moniezia Expansa                 -  large tapeworm of domestic animal, reluctant bowel movement, promotes wart formation,
Moniezia EA (N)
Moniezia EB (N)
Moniezia EC (N)
Moniezia ED (N)
Moniezia    a          (N)
Moniezia  aa          (N)
Moniezia  aab       (N)
Moniezia  ab         (N)
Moniezia  ac         (N)
Moniezia ad          (N)
Moniezia ae          (N)
Moniezia af           (N)
Moniezia ag         (N)
Moniezia ah         (N)
Moniezia ai          (N)
Moniezia aj          (N)
Moniezia ak         (N)
Moniezia  b        (N)
Moniezia Scolex         - large tapeworm of domestic animal head, reluctant bowel movement, promotes wart formation,
Moniezia SA (N)
Multiceps Serialis     - dog tapeworm
Taenia Pisiformis         - cat tapeworm, check liver
Taenia Saginata             - beef tapeworm, check liver
Taenia Solium                 -  pork tapeworm, cyst stage, check muscle, brain, eyes, intercranial pressure, epilepsy,