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LifeEnergyDynamics Identifies Pathogens 76 Parasites 5 Mites
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PARASITES (#11)-77 (N-new discovery)

Anaplasma Marginale                 -intercellular cattle parasite, hemolytic anemia,  by ticks
Ancylostoma Brazilience     - hookworms of dogs cats from soil, mouth to skin, skin lesions, itch, depression, schizophrenia
Ancylostoma Canium                     - dog roundworms to your intestines, hookworms, bowel inflamation, diarrhea
Ascaris Larvae in Lungs        - roundworms of dogs & cats, causes asthma, on skin causes psoriasis eczena, in brain/schizophrenia,
                                               seizures, depression, eggs are in dog and cat fur

Ascaris Megalocephala             -roundworms of horses
Balantidium Coli Cysts         - balantidiasis, food water, syptomless carriers, large intestines, mouth, diarrhea, dysentery
Besnoitia                                             - sprozoa in lung
Capillaria Hepatica                 - roundworm in rats or rodents and can be fatal in cases to humans
Chilomastix Cysts                     - roundworms from rats
Chilomonas Whole                         - ciliate
Clonorchis Sinensis                 - human liver fluke, in adults, mouth, undercooked fish.snails, indigestion, jaundice, diarrhea
Cryptocotyle Lingua                 - seagull fluke
Dientamoeba Fragilis             - trichomonad, large intestine, affects mouth, throat, look stool for diarrhea
Dirofilaria Immitis                 - dog heartworm, from mosquitoes, chest heart pain, irregular heartbeat, heart diseases, blood blockage
Echinoporyphium Recurvat     - poultry fluke
Echinostoma Revolutum             - water foul flatworm
Endamoeba Gingivalis Troph     - gum amoeba
Endolimax Nana Trophozo             - protozoa live in large intestine, cysts, pass in feces, rheumatoid arthritis, collagen related diseases
Entamoeba Coli Trophozoit         - amoeba in small & large intestines,
Entamoeba Histolytica Tro         - amebiasis from water, deep intestinal ulcers, treat both sexual partners
Enterobius Vermicularis             - pinworms, in small children,intestines, vagina, in annus, eggs in clothes, bedding,carpet
Eurytrema Pancreaticum                - pancreatic fluke, diabetes if wood alcohol, undercooled meat, chronic fatigue, Epstein Barre
Fasciola Hepatica                             - sheep liver fluke, in liver obstructions, undercooked meat, causes liver cancer, in uterus-cramps
                                                                                propanol and sheep liver flukes cause cancer
Fasciola Hepatica Cercari      - sheep liver fluke, undercooked meat, stays in placenta goes to unborn child
Fasciola Hepatica Eggs             - sheep liver fluke, undercooked meat
Fasciola Hepatica Miracidi     - sheep liver fluke, undercooled meat
Fasciola Hepatica Rediae         - sheep liver fluke, undercooked meat
Fasciolopsis Buskii                     -human intestinal fluke flatworm, duodenum liver, diarrhea/edema, eggs transmit easily, cancer cases
Fasciolopsis Buskii Eggs         - human intestinal fluke flatworm, eggs in stool
Fasciolopsis Cercariae    - human intestinal fluke flatworm bring with it HIV
Fasciolopsis Miracidia              - human intestinal fluke flatworm, with it HIV, liver, thymus, bone
Fasciolopsis Rediae                     - human intestinal fluke flatworm
Fischoedrius Elongatus             - liver flukes of cats
Gastrothylax Elongatus             - fluke
Giardia Lamblia Tropho         - giardiasis from water, intestines, gall bladder, mouth, genitals, nausea, weight loss, heavy mucus,
Gyrodactylus                                     fish gill fluke parasite, death after renal failure
Haemonchus Contortus             - large stomach worms in sheep, cattle, goats
Hasstile Sig Tricolor          - rabbit fluke
Hypodereum Conoideum
Iodamoeba Butschlii Troph - colon amoeba
Leishmania Braziliensis     - flagellate, ulcerations naso-oral, diarrhea, abdomen pain, desert storm disease, acne, fever
Leishmania Donovani             - protozoa from sand fly, fever, enlarge liver spleen, malaria, ulcer goes to skin disfiguration
Leishmania Mexicana             - protozoa, chronic ulceration, exposed skin, resembles malaria
Leishmania Tropica             - flagellate, affects liver, lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen from Africa, India,Middle East
Leucocytozoon                             - protozoa causes bird malaria
Loa Loa                                             - eye worm, Sudan, W Africa, in blood, lungs, from deer flies
Macracanthorhynchus                 - pig spiny head worm
Metagonius Yokogawai             - liver fluke
Myxomsoma                                             - protozoa fish gill
Naegleria Fowleri                         highly toxic, meningoencephalitisfrom water, uncommon parasite of brain
Onchocerca Volvulus                 - roundworm, blinding plarisis, subcutaneous nodules, vision loss, nodules of head or body
Paragonimus Westermani         - lung fluke, affects lungs or brains, performates lungs
Passalurus Ambiguus                 - rabbit pinworms
Plasmodium Cynomolgi                 - monkey malaria from mosquitoes, urgent world health problem
Plasmodium Falciparum             - causes malaria, blood protozoa
Plasmodium Vivax                         - blood protozoa, malaria
Pneumocystis Carnii                    - lung pneumocytosis, droplets, associated with AIDS
Prosthogonimus Macror             - chicken fluke
Sarcocystis                                         - protozoa, infects muscle tissue, undercooked meat, affects nervous system, heart, lungs,adrenals
                                                                            liver, intestines
Schistosoma Haematobiu         - blood fluke, fresh fish, urinary, prostate, eggs in wine, from Africa and Middle east
Schistosoma-JH (N)                 - blood fluke, South America
Schistosoma Mansoni             - blood fluke
Stephanurus Dentalus         - roundworm
Strongyloides                             - human threadworm, causes migraines, growth retarded, blindness, listless, depression, autism?
Sub Terminal Spores
Toxoplasma                                         - contagious, from domestic cats, congenital damage
Trichinella Spiralis                 - roundworm, causes acne, muscle pain, autism?, in small intestine & brain, from human waste
Trichomonas Vaginalis             - arrives from sexual activity, foul vaginal discharge, cause sterility, watch out at sauna
Trichuris Sp                                     - whipworm, threadworm, appenticitis, prolapse, rectum edema
Trypanosoma Brucei                     - blood parasite, causes fever, spleen enlarged, African sleeping sickness from tsetse fly-2 types
Trypanosoma Cruzi                         - South African sleeping sickness, affects heart and nervous system, blood flagellate mouse
Trypanosoma Equiperdum           - causes sleeping sickness
Trypanosoma Gambiense             - causes African sleeping sickness, transmitted by tsetse fly, cause large cervical lymph node
Trypanosoma Lewisi
Trypanosoma Rhodesiens         - rat blood flagellate
Urocledius                                         - fluke

MITES (#12)-5

Demodex Folliculorum Foli -hair loss follicle
Dermatophigoides Dust -           air dust micro-organisms
Meal Mite                                 -            meal mite
Ornithonyssus Bud Mite -         itch mite
Sarcoptes Scabei Itch  -          bird mite