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LifeEnergyDynamics IDs Pathogens 19 Virus 2 Wart Vir 1 Yeast
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VIRUS (#13)-19

Adenovirus                                 - causes common cold
Borellia Burgdorferi     - Lyme disease virus
Coxsackie B-1                        -found with Bacteriodes fragilis with Ascaris
Coxsackie B-4                        - found with Bacteriodes fragilis with Ascaris
Cytomegalovirus                 - herpes type in eye, brain, throat, large intestines, spinal cord tissue
Epstein Barre                     - herpes type virus
Hepatitis B                         - infects liver, can lead to cirrhosis, cancer, death, contagious, infectious
Hepatitis C (N)             - infects liver and more dangerous than B
Herpes 1                                - cold sores, may be triggered by peanuts, chocolate, cold, wind, sunlight, abrasion, acid foods
Herpes 2                                 - genital sores, suggest not wearing synthetic underwear
Herpes Zoster                    - causes shingles
HF Virus (N)                                       -new virus strain of 6 and 1/6 days in Jan/Feb 2000
HIV                                              - cause AIDS, chest pain in thymus, look for benzene & fasciolopsis bushii
Hodgkins-pa (N)             - a hodgkins virus, it is rare
Influenza A & B             -
Measles                                 - look at rubeola
Mumps               - mumps
Respiratory Syncytial - cause bad colds, bronchial infections, pneumonia
Tobacco Mosaic                     - occurs in tobacco cases


Human Papilloma Plantars   - warts on inside or outside of vaginal wall or penis
Human Papilloma Virus                 - incurable vaginal disease, highly contagious, sexually transmitted, can cause death

YEAST (#15)-1

Candida Albicans                             - can affect mouth, throat, intestines, genital tract