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cancer.html 2008 famous persons cases
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Professional Athlete, Artist, Scientist, Dr, CEO, Head of State & Breeding stock challenge their physical
& mental capacities. They risk life-threatening and career halting health issues at their peak performance such
as cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc. These conditions may show 2 to 5 years after contact from poor traditional
test methods.  Remedial surgery or conventional chemo treatment is normally insuffucient.  We Change This Deficency,
Find Disease Earliest, Eliminate Disease Non-Evasively, Use New D-Ring/TI-Ring for a 24/7 Protection & extend your
 career performance. Contact us ASAP to Save your LIFE.

Cancer "C"
What is Cancer really? Cancer is "pathogen" in your body fed by chemical or free
metal toxins.  The Pathogen is normally parasite or multiple parasites at adult stage.
Chemical or free metal toxins are consumed or enter through your skin feed these parasites.

Is Surgery,Chemo or Radiation Safest Choice
If you elect surgery, you eliminate some tissue with adult parasites.  EMBRYO PARASITES
remain. If you elect toxic chemo and/or radiation, your body adds more toxic chemo/radiation.
This can disguise traditional test results which fail to show remaining adult/embryo parasites.

Does Surgery cut all Cancer & does Chemo/Radiation disguise testing
Most people elect surgery, chemo & radiation and unaware of safer more effective choices.
Surgery misses all areas of cancer, chem & radiation disguise traditional test methods which
fails to show cancer still exists.  Our test READING finds parasites.

Does Chemo stop or increase body toxicity
Cancer persons have -85% negative lifeenergy & limit themselves to surgery/chemo.Chemo
initially stops Cancer (7-10%) but is outweighed by increased CHEMO toxicity(-24 to -25%).
Chemo toxicity destroys an immune system & lowers your body's energy which helps cure
your health.  If you limit choice to Chemo, your Death negative lifeenergy of (-100%) arrives faster. READ AGAIN

Alternative Self Cures with D-Ring & E-Ring
Self Remedies safely eradicate "C" 1,200,000 times more effective in all body than toxic Chemo,
Surgery cuts body & makes scars.  D-Ring restores 5% aver. immunity & elevates it 1,402,000 times. 
E-Ring raises body 0.1% lifeenergy to 100% L80 or 80,000 times. 
Smart persons/family ignore the
facts, needlessly lose their life or family and pay for very expensive incomplete Chemo.

cancer.html 2008 famous persons cases LED HAS MOST GIFTED ABILITY BUT UNABLE TO CONTACT needed PERSONS.
LED can only correct your condition if you contact us timely. Do not hesitate to email us asap with phone numbers. To Date
Traditional Medicine as Surgery/Chemo is limited Choice for Disease. It is 50 years behind our protocols.*  LED Measures Disease
Level, its Progress or Reversal, Compare any prior Day to Today & Kill it. The Longer a Person Waits to Reduce Disease to ZERO,
the Less Time you Live after Recovery as 10 years to few years. LED Tested Each USA PRESIDENT for 200 year period of George
Washington to George Bush TO VERIFY. You must reach out to find our help, look at our cases but keep it private. Do Not Wait.

Phillies Base Coach reported with Prostate Cancer-
On March 3, 2008, a professional baseball coach photo reading confirms pathogen (cancer). Protocol eliminate C and will notify coach's
team administration.  LED did test reading of disease & date coach contacted pathogen.  LED suggest he fully eliminate disease in
one day, detoxify and  upgrade lost energy from surgery/chemo/radiation.  LED know this disease cannot be eliminated with surgery,
chemo and/or radiation.  The Dec 2, 2005 disease has spread rapidly and can be eradicated. Thereafter, LED suggest D-Ring, TI-Ring
and DMD Ring for 24/7 protection. This coach can avoid losing 6 weeks+ of surgery/chemo recovery time. Email us.

Minnesota Vikings & Player's Sports Agents
In Feb 2008, a professional football athlete photo reading showed pathogen ( previously diagnosed as leukemia). LED can eliminate
before it gets deadly if timely asked. LED contacted player's agent. LED did test reading to confirm disease, date player contacted
condition, level of disease and time to reverse condition.  LED eliminate disease cause in one+ days, detoxify, upgrade lost energy
from chemo/radiation and confirm results with new reading or his doctor thereafter.  LED never found chemo nor radiation works yet. 
Chemo debilitates person energy even professional athletes.
All player's condition details are our private & proprietary property.

Denver Nuggets & Player's Sports Agents

In Jan 2008, a professional basketball athlete photo reading shows pathogen(cancer). Protocols eliminate C & notified trainer before it
was known to be malignant. LED contacted player's agent. We did test reading of disease & date player contact condition. Protocols
eliminate disease in one+ day, detoxify, upgrade energy lost from surgery/chemo/radiation. Protocols confirm results with new Reading or
his Dr. Chemo & Radiation do not work in 1 to 6 months. Chemo debilitates person and fails to kill disease in every case yet. After
Chemo in all other cases, protocol tests show Cancer remains but hospital could not detect it. All player's details are our proprietary property.