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We test from photo or in-person more accurately than hospital labs details. For healthiest Planned Babies-a mother, surrogate mother & father needs Test Reading & Restored to near Perfect Health.  Professional Athletes, Race or Show Horses require razor sharp health & be pain free for best show.
Here is how it is done.

Our reading shows all pathogens, toxins & obstructions first. Every person, pathogen, toxin & obstruction emits a distinct signal which only we identify & measure for your specific reading.

Pathogens include bacteria, virus, parasites, tapeworms, mites;
toxins are either mold toxin, chemical toxin or free metal toxin including radio actives as radon and
obstructions include kidney stones, kidney stone crystals, gallstones, gallstone crystals and artery plaque to heart or neck arteries. Crystals are not seen on sonogram. Healthy person wears D,TI,DMD rings heal faster and 24/7 protection.

Additional Reading tests
Auto-immune disorders-
Readings test for auto-immune disorders like lupus etc and suggest reversing in three consecutive days to correct with different ring etc.

Heart Disease/high blood pressure
Our reading of heart disease is not estimated blockage like hospital at +-10% estimate for cathorization for heart or doppler for neck. (A surgeon operates after 70%+ artery blockage.)

Reading test to 99.99% accuracy or 4 places and reverse in 10-15 days with supplement/vitamin combination.

Brain Dysfunction
Reading test brain cavity for normal diamagnetic fluid which protects brain and restore diamagnetics in 24 hrs quarantine with special D-ring later worn 24/7 for protection with TI-ring.

Over-achiever Test
For measured overachievers, you wear DMD ring too.
D ring increase immune system 1,402,000 times than normal. TI protects it.

Vitamin/mineral/Ph levels-
Reading test for top 20 vitamin, 6 minerals and body Ph for normal levels.
Low Ph sign of illness and slow mending.

Vitamins & mineral levels at 0,1,2,3 are low as 4 is normal 5,6,7 are high.

Body Cell disconnects & pain vs faster healing
Reading test body cell connectivity for injury, accident or post-surgery of its pain/disconnects. If disconnect, restore in less than 1 hr (1-3days) accelerates mending internally to 100%.

Emergency Situation
Example A 2000 pound draft horse was kicked and swelling raised 76 fluid oz in hind leg.  In one 20 minute ring session, swelling dropped, body cell disconnects started to mend and fluid exited above hoof.  Horse could walk in 2 days & run in 5 days after 2nd ring session versus 120-150 days.

Brain damage
Reading test brain for damage to cortex, pyramid cells layers 1-6, axions, dendrites, cell membrane and reverse damage with multiple rings in 70-95 minutes. Early action restricts further damage.

Brain cell disconnects is concussion or coma
Reading & protocols reverse bio brain cell disconnects and connectivity restores the brain from concussion in days or coma (less 3 months).  All is done non-evasively.

Reading tested for pathogens, toxins & obstructions and know date when illness occurs and suggest self remedy rings as alternative to reverse first.

TESTS Confirm Illness & Injury
Reading test for 20 vitamins, 6 minerals and your pH confirms disease.

Reading tests if any body cells have disconnects or pain and where are disconnects above neck, core, back, right or left arm, leg, hip OR both.

Protocols have reversed back, neck and head pain from body cell and bio brain cell disconnects to accelerate mending in one to three days with special rings.


The D ring raises immune system 1,402,000 times above normal, TI ring protects added dimensions and DMD ring protects high achievers.

LED insist/recommend wearing our D-Ring, TI Ring and DMD ring on any person or pet to protect 24/7 them from getting any new diseases.