LifeEnergyDynamics Tests for Any Disease Causes & Heals Life
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Life Energy Dynamics (LED) tests for any Disease Causes & Heals Life. Protocols screen (421+) Pathogen,Toxin & Obstruction (PTOs) or do custom READINGS of any disease in an animal, person or plant to stop early death of life threatening illness READ TO SAVE YOUR LIFE.
Retired in 2003. We accurately measure a person's body cells & brain cells or any damage? Not-Done-Before.

7/30-8/7/2009 EMERGENCY READINGS intuitively confirm identity, measure a disease's cause, level & if (-100%) Death level. (2)Measure SELF Cures required in minutes/days to Eradicate cause of chronic disease. Person's photo reveals to us if they have DIABETES-TYPE 1, PARKINSONS, ALZHEIMERS, ASTHMA, CELIAC, MS, AUTISM, ALS, HUNTINGTONS. (3)Some Diseases have an (AI) auto-immune disorder like lupus or other & we reverse in 3 days plus/or restore their immune system to heal them vs only pre-88 tests.(4)We measure if Damage to Body Cells or Brain Cell connections due to injury, surgery, bone degeneration or disease.(5)Measure if minutes/days can heal body/brain cells to 100% level in 3 to 5 days.(6)Measure if Damage level to Brain's Cortex, Pyramid Cell Layers 1,2,3,4,5,6, Axions, Dendrites or Cell Membrane.(7) Measure minutes required to hold special rings within 48 hrs of damage to heal each brain segment to 100% before a coma or death occurs. THIS IS SAFE, NON-EVASIVE & WORKED ON EACH PERSON OR PET TO DATE if timely started. MOST COMPREHENSIVE, SENSITIVE TEST & HEALING.

A 2009 research shows most people choose to live in-pain & ill-health rather than use safe proven methods to be healthy,  pain-free and have happy life.  We discontinued Emergency Reading (tests) & Protocol Remedies.
Email your photo for tests, ELIMINATE DIABETES or (inoperable)HEART DISEASE NON-EVASIVELY & SCHEDULE a test date.
4 steps-reduce,eliminate diabetes,+24/7 protect from new diabetes, heart disease & swine flu(anti-biotics not working)

Making Healthiest Babies, Heal Professional Athletes, Race or Show Horse- Protocol
Prehealth restored (Surogate)/ Mother/Father for Baby, Sick/Injured/Post-surgery Athletes or Horses-To Near Perfection

How LED protocol measures/eliminates your illness swiftly/safely? How LED protoco prevents/protects 24/7 recurring illness?
Protocols test/eradicate auto-immune disorders as lupus etc. Would not use prednisone which is traditional choice!

Eliminate- Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hi Blood Pressure, Alzheimers, Brain Damage, Coma, A.D.D., Autism  & Cayce Reading-
Why only protocol measure Brain Damage to Cortex, Pyramid Cells Layers 1-6, Axions, Dendrites, Cell Membrane & heal Brain?
Why only protocol measure Brain Cells connectivity & heal Brain Cells disconnects if a Concussion or Coma condition non-evasively?
Special Customized Rings removes illness, another heals damaged Brain Cells & another reverses Concussion or Coma etc.

Why only protocols measure severe or chronic Pain, restore 100% body cell connectivity, this speeds up healing safely
for pro athletes, non-athletes or racehorses, they are back to world class condition in hrs/days not wks/months?
Healing from Blood Platelet transfusion measured .002% vs our Connectivity Ring is 99.99%/50,000 times better.

What is cancer? Does surgery, chemo or radiation kill Cancer and/or
disguise Cancer from tradional testing?

Protocols prevent death level of two young Hollywood stars in 2008 within 5 minutes of death,
can do others +/- 50 yr olds, celebrities in LA or anywhere but you must email for details
to reverse your serious illness at earliest to save your life. (Photo required)

Self Remedies (SR) eradicate Pathogens,Toxins & pretreat Obstructions to let our body heal.
To complete healing, it requires a (1-day) liver cleanse, 3 specific supplements(1- 20days)
to reverse heart artery plaque & each step is monitored. Prior Natural diamagnetic-water;
now D-Ring/TI-Ring/DMD-Ring maintains your 24/7protection against new illness.

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Read text completely, re-read until you understand or email a question. DISEASE or ILLNESS exists in you only IF you let them. 
Any Disease cause involves Pathogens, Toxins or Obstructions and protocols have found a new READINGs for rare disorders.

How LifeEnergyDynamics READINGS ( tests) for any disease causes & Negative Life Energy 2causes.html

Pathogen, Toxin, Obstruction tests;Diseases Names & Pains-head to toe lists   4pto.html

Remedies choices of Self-Remedies, Kidney & Liver Cleanses, Supplements 14remedies.html

Major disease cases,CDC,heart disease,breast cancer,other diseases,support groups16diseases.html

Case studies,  42 US Presidents, Columbine/Heritage shooters,  Famous persons, Unusual & Emergency Cases19cases.html

Other Methods- Rife, Zapper,  Radionics, Chemo, Radiation,& Surgery- Cost, Method and Effectiveness 30OtherMethods.html

LED Cost 31fee.html

Diamagnetic Natural Pure Water protects brain, promotes integration of life form &
New Discovery dramatically Helps Parkinsons, Alzheimers & Encephalitis cases 33Dwater.html

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