Memorial Day Reverse Hepatitis B, Shingles (H Z) & HeartDisease
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A 48 yr old female Financial Instructor requested Negative Life Energy READING based on reading web page.
She had higher blood pressure readings (160/100) in last 3 to 4 weeks.  It was normally 140/75 and was concerned.

On 5/10/99, her Negative Life Energy was -53.678% Life Threatening.  On 5/30/99, she completed a Life Energy
 Analysis.  Her Negative Life Energy was -53.659%.

The Negative Life Energy sources were 231 gallstone crystal clusters; miscellaneous-14.0 OC Oxidized Cholestrol
 Artery Plaque-Heart; but mostly two viruses- Hepatitis B (-31.962%) and Herpes Zoster (HZ -19.196%).
She acquired
both on 2/9/96. These are both Incurable Diseases and Life Threatening.  She knew her partner had both diseases but
did not realize condom use was ineffective.  Her lab tests were unable to confirm either disease two years ago.

On May 30, 1999, an associate monitored her non-evasive sessions of Self Remedies. Later, she did three enemas, a
 Liver cleanse and next day four enemas privately.
It is normal to do two enemas before and one the following day now.

On 5/31/99, her Negative Life Energywas reduced from Life Threatening -53.659%  to -.648%.  She removed 90% of
the gallstone crystals with first cleanse, had 10% remaining of original gallstone crystals and 14(OC) artery plaque-Heart.
 In 10 days, she did her second liver cleanse to remove remaining gallstone crystals. LED measured and confirmed results.

On 6/9/99, she completed her second liver cleanse,  removed all gallstone crystals and lowered Negative Life Energy (NLE)
 to -.222%.  She used off the shelf  supplements to reduce and remove all her artery plaque-Heart as her NLE lowered from -.222% to 0.

The supplements had reduced my artery plaque to zero in 11 days.  She took one less supplement to eliminate plaque in 30 days. 
It is easier on her body than 11 days with one added supplement.  In two weeks, her plans were to reach Zero NLE. She did.

On 6/30/99, her plan was to reach zero Negative Life Energy.   She plans to continue self cures, liver cleanses every 3 months as
needed and take supplements to maintain a zero artery plaque.  She must avoid recontact with old boyfriends to avoid getting
Hepatitis B again as condoms are not effective.

Remember reverse order is Artery Plaque Removal, Liver cleanse, Kidney cleanse and Self Remedies need READING and each other
to work successfully.

Her Life Saved
Her Blood pressure was 133/65 before second liver cleanse.  After 2nd Liver cleanse and removing plaque, it may be
118/59 vs 160/100 on 5/30/99.

Her 6/30/99 Negative Life Energy is zero and her blood pressure is 119/60.   It is your turn to help one person, email their
Photo or email yours to start.