RINGS eradicate Pathogen,Toxin;
Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimers, Brain Damage, Coma  & Cayce Reading ring.html

SelfRemedy-Ring; D-Ring Protection; E-Ring for ENERGY; Bio Brain-Ring 4 Coma Reversal/Brain damage;
D-Ring (diamagnetic) for PET PROTECTION 24/7 Against Pathogens or Toxins &
E-Ring(energy) boosts your normal .1% energy to 80% if hold E-Ring 21 minutes daily.  

Readings/Protocols REVERSE HEART DISEASE, DIABETES etc in Hours & you can confirm results in same or 2 Days.
LED Reverse Brain damage in hours.  Coma takes longer as you must restore Bio Brain Connectivity Loss.
Bio Brain Connectivity Loss restoring is very difficult. LED offers to do if timely asked based on personal facts.
LED Detoxified most Toxic substance (Radon) from Slim S & dog (Sadie) when no one can identify or
measure Radon Gas except us. Radon causes Heart issues or metastasize
s pathogens to Cancer.

TIME TRAVELER PROTECTION-DMD RING for measured potential gifted beings
Diamagnetic Multi-Dimension Ring required for any higher Dimension (Dim) potential if a Person,
Pet & Plant Time Travel. LED identify, measure, test persons & DMD Ring for esoteric health protection.
Readings test each Dimension from 1st Dim. to highest Dim. of  anyone & 4 of 9 Spirtual founders(Dim. level)
of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddism etc at any date. TIme Travel Dim. is largest at 82.41%.

TF(Toxic-Free) Ring for gifted persons/pets with DMD ring to protect against toxins.

BRAIN INJURY CASES-Readings pre-screen damage using person's photo but retest in-person
Protocols repair Brain Injury after damage tested, make Custom Ring to wear on hand & Reverse Coma
First, a Brain Injury or Coma person must clear Pathogens, Toxins with Self Cure Ring protocols.

Second , Reading measures Brain function, do custom Rings to repair(all or most)damage to Brain Cortex,
Pyramid Cell Layers #1-6, Axions, Dendrites, Cell Membrane for brain function
. Ask your neurologist.

To our knowledge, NO other method or equipment measures Brain's Damage to: 1) CORTEX;
2) Pyramid Cell Layers #1,2,3,4,5,6; 3) Axions, 4) Dendrites or 5) Cell Membrane. LED protocol customized special
copper rings, person holds ring in hand for each brain part repair.  Readings retest person after each brain part
is repaired in about +-95 minutes.  Readings measure each brain part before going on the next part.

hird, Readings measure Bio Brain Connectivity Loss which can be less than 99%. Protocol customized copper
Ring to repair/restore Bio Brain Connectivity-Loss.
   A restored connectivity brings person out of COMA.

BBC-Loss occurs if BRAIN has too low oxygen very long or high level pathogen/toxin in brain cavity.
Reading measures Loss, determine time BBCL-Ring is held to restore(all/most) of Loss to minimum level to be
(out of Coma).
When Bio Connectivity is too low, a BBCL-Ring may restore connectivity to Body Cells & Brain.
These are parameters for best hoped results. LED intuitive skills and Creator's use through us was challenge to
 make this possible for those who need & want this choice. You request it.
A Bio Brain Cell Loss- Ring can restore Cell Connectivity Loss from injury, accident or surgery.
LED used Body Cell Loss- Ring on horse injury, person back injury & a neck injury with 99% pain gone after 30 minutes.
but normally requires 3 days of less than 1 hr sessions.

To our knowledge, NO other PERSON has ever measured Bio Brain CONNECTIVITY LOSS,  nor made RING

LED reviews Examples of Well Publicized Brain Damage or Coma Cases LED measured

Bob Woodruff Brain Injury in Iraq-2006-08
LED tested Bob's Feb 25, 2008 photo for our Reading. He has pathogen since 1/24/07. Protocol requires
21+ minutes of non-evasive self remedies & liver cleanse protocols for a clearing before any Brain repair.
His Brain Injury & present measured damage of his Brain Cortex, Pyramid Cell Layers #1-6, Axions,
Dendrites & Cell Membrane need repair protocols to support all his brain function.This Protocol is ESOTERIC.

BOB'S in USA TODAY & How LED reverse brain damage/coma 
LED reading tested his Bio Brain Connectivity-Loss which occurs with Brain Damage. LED
emailed Bob Woodruff. 
LED can provide brain injury specifics and custom rings to repair his brain function
if Bob timely contacts us so he Not Struggle to Choose Words. Thank You.

Slim S in Coma -May 7, 2007-notes

To reverse damage, we customized three rings to repair 10-99% Brain damage of 2007Coma patient
in Virginia Hos ICU.  He had Radon toxic poisoning which LED protocols resversed long-distance & added
protocols to improve his brain & next day he went to regular hospital room before going home.
His Cortex; Pyramid Cells# 1-6; Axions/Dendrites/Cell Membrane substantially improved.  Later, LED
customized a 4th ring & sent to his home to repair his Bio Brain Connectivity Loss.  He wore ring for one hr &
in 40 days he was out of Coma. LED test hime before/after each ring use for degree of reversing each damage.
Person in COMA or with major BRAIN DAMAGE Reading & REVERSAL-May 7, 2007
3 BRAIN RINGS repaired an 84-99% damaged (1)Brain Cortex,(2) pyramid cells,(3) axions/dendrites to 100%
within 72 hours of May 7, 2007 incident. Slim S out of ICU in 24 hrs and at home. Slim used our (4th) Bio Brain Connectivity Ring.
Reading measured reconnected his cells continuity in Oct 2007 & regained cell strength to be out of coma at 10:12 am on 11/12/07. 
This was requested by his neurologist, wife and his friends.

His brain cortex was at 50%; his pyramid cells layers 1-5 were at 1% & layer #6 was at 2%; his axions were at 16%; his dendrites were at 2% & cell membrane was at 10% before rings used. After 33 minutes on ring#1, cortex was 100%; after15 more minutes with ring #2, pyramid cell layers 1-6 were all 100% but had added 3 more minutes to planned12 minutes; after 17 more minutes with ring #3, axions were 100% but had added 5 more minutes to planned 12 minutes; after 16 more minutes with ring #3, dendrites were 100% but had added 8 more minutes to planned 8 minutes & after 2 more minutes with ring #3, cell membrane was 100%.

3/16/09 ski accident & head injury caused death 3/18/09

Actress injured skiing 3/16/09 in Montreal had following Brain Damage.  LED was unable to contact her thru Montreal or NYC hospital neurology department.  Her damage 3/17/09 was as follows: brain cortex was at 4%; her pyramid cells layers 1-6 were at 1%each; her axions, dendrites & cell membrane were only at 1%. However, to get back to 100% for each, she needed 30 minutes for cortex holding ring; 40 minutes for pyramid cells layers 1-6; 20 minutes for axions; 20 minutes for dendrites and 10 minutes for cell membrane.  In addition, brain cell connectivity requires three days of 35 minute session to reconnect disconnects to body cells. Body cells connectivity required three days of 20 minute session to reconnect & start mending left leg cells disconnects. This was provided injured party contacted us within 48 hours of head injury accident. 

Coma Woman Lake Elmo,Mn awakes from Brain Damage- Feb 19, 2008
LED tested woman from her photo with our READING. She has serious pathogen since 12/18/06. It requires
28 minutes of self remedies & liver cleanse to clear environmental damage. Pathogen is main cause of brain
damage/coma. If at-100% woman dies.On 1/15 Reading was-92.4% & in coma;on 2/19 was -66.8%& out coma.
Pathogen needs eradicated, Self Remedies can clear OR coma status returns.

After Self Remedy clears, LED reading measure each part of Brain Damaged & repair Brain with No side affects
LEd reading tested her Brain Damage of Brain Cortex, its Pyramid Cells-Layers #1-6, Axions, Dendrites, Cell
membrane and body Cells Connectivity Loss.
Based on  her specific damages, Reading determined what Customized Rings are required & time to repair
each specific Damage. The damages still vary from 30%; 98%;66%;84%;68% & 62.5%.
Rings could repair damage in less than 45 minute (min) but up to 75 minutes based on person's
condition and if timely requested.
Reading tests each Brain section damaged 1/15/08 & 2/19/08 to compare which change reversed coma
and how to advance mending before pathogen or brain damage kills person.  lf family contacts us,
LED shall give them details to concur with our suggested choice.

PERSON FROM NOROVIRUS etc. LED adds DMD Ring to horses who test for a 2nd Dim.

E-RING increases your ENERGY if 21min./day use from normal .1% to 80% for a Cancer, Heart, Bedridden
or healthy person.    
READINGS, Self Remedy transfer, Self Remedy Rings, D-Ring, liver cleanse, supplements & E-RING are steps to

HOW Bill F a former DIABETIC REVERSED his CONDITION-4/2/07-4/19/07 after 16 yrs
Diabetic's pathogen (without toxins) is same pathogen found in Pancreatic Cancer persons.

after his Reading, SR, Cleanse, Pancreas Works, Sugar Now 70-110 with NO Insulin/Pills/ exercise
1st Diabetic RECLAIMS PANCREAS Bill got our D, TI & DMD rings for 24/7 protection.

62yr old male Bill F, diabetic-16 yrs, 125-280 sugar, had parasites/chemical toxins in our READING,
was on pills/insulin BUT after he used our Self Remedy, NO parasites/toxins-48 hrs, sugar 70-110 range &
NO insulin/pills/exercise; after 4 wks  4/22/07-sugar-88-95 range but a 68 & 102, test 8 times a day. 
**A-1-C test on 9/13/2007, 1st 90 day test confirms 6.90 & NO diabetes per his DoctoR after 16 Yrs**
**A-1-C test on 1/28/2008, 2nd 90 day test confirms 6.10 & NO diabetes per his Doctor

After 1/28/08, Bill F removed D/TI/DMD rings for test, did no liver cleanses, recontacted diabetes disease
so back on pills/insulin. Bill also acquired auto-immune disorder & bad Ph. In May 2008, Bill redid self remedies
to rid of disease again, did special self remedies to get rid of auto-immune disorder in few months & normalized Ph in April 2009.
Again, no insulin, no pills, no exercise & sugar is 71-75 in am and 83-88 two hrs after dinner.
He wears D/TI/DMD rings 24/7 now & does liver cleanses. Will confirm new A-1-C test in 3 months as 6.6 & NO DIABETES 7/19/09.

NEWS*PNEUMONIA eradicated by SR transfer after John J stops reinfecting from personal glass, mug,
 toothbrush etc 4/22/07

1)a 68 yr old male SS was bedridden from inhaled mercury fume toxin, used SR transfer, SS improves
in 24/48 hrs in 2006 to lecture, one wk contacted new pathogen & bedridden again, associate sent
Self Remedy Rings to eradicate new pathogen plus D-ring to prevent any pathogen/toxin;
& in 6 hours D-ring
elevated immune system to 100% at 701,000 level, now 68 yr old works 16 hr a day for 12+wks Feb 06. 
to 100% at LEVEL 701,000, It PROTECTS BRAIN Cavity from any ALZHEIMER or other BRAIN Dysfunction.

2) a 63 yr old maleJohn J at -96% or 4% from death in 8 hr, sent Self Remedy transfer to reduce negative to - 3%
just in time, 6 hrs later a hospital visit increased negative to -29% from two new hospital pathogens; Self
Remedies transfer saved his life as his -96% & -29%=-125% are over -100% or Death
Self Remedy Rings overnighted
next day eradicated his pathogens, D-ring in 6 hrs protected any new pathogens/toxins
& supplements reduced
his 106% in four blocked heart arteries plaque in 10 days to ZERO
to prevent stroke/heart attack & NO new pathogens/toxins. FACTS TO  POST.

LED associate visited Edgar Cayce Institute to review Mr Cayce's best work of 1900-45 READINGs.
LED retroactive READING of 1/2/1945 FINDS CAUSE of Death of Edgar Cayce to show his -99.796% status

from one pathogen- bacteria of 11/1/1944 & his 15 OC Heart Artery Plaque blockage. Reading shows 142% blockage
of four Heart Arteries at 41%; 41%; 30%; 26%=138%+(4% in Heart but not arteries) as 136% is stroke level.

Our Self Remedy rings can eradicate his bacteria pathogen in 35 minutes, an overnight liver cleanse clears his
passage to stop anymore plaque blockage to heart and supplements can reduce this 142% heart plaque
blockage in 15 days
He can live 20 years & 1 day to 1/3/1965.