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LED Case Studies:US Presidents Violent Teens Richest& Famous
LED Case studies: 42 US Presidents, Columbine Heritage shooters,  US Supreme Court Justices,
         Famous persons, Unusual & Emergency Cases

                                                       main index page:
LED identifies (421+)  disease conditions from your Photograph or custom READING. You can correct these diseases with Self Remedies in an hour. 
The READING  intuitively in-person or from a photo before or after to verify disease removal. Read LIVER (cleanse) and all 42 US PRESIDENTS health. 
LED is unique and does READING retroactive for any day of your life as done for George Washington to Bill Clinton,  Famous Persons listed,
 the Columbine or Heritage shooters.   These are factual undisputed results of LifeEnergy Dynamics.  Please read each topic for clear understanding.

To access Memorial Day Results of Life Saved
                               from Hepatitis,Shingles & Heart Disease:     21newlife.html

To access 200 years health history of all 42 US Presidents Life Energy Dynamics: 22presidents.html

To access shooters health reads Columbine High School and
                                               Heritage High School:         23shootings.html

To access 9 US Supreme Court Justices Health Condition 37USCJ.html

Discovered (16) new unlisted complex (life threatening) diseases from READINGS and (self) remedies of Billionaires and their Health Conditions. 
These 100 Billionaires have 16 unlisted Diseases and serious Negative Life Energy?   This makes them aware of their health, their wealth and
their future. Their life experiences contacted 16 new complex undiscovered Pathogens but READINGS reveal benefits for any new persons tested.
 List has been removed based on limited interest.

Read Unusual Cases-Doctor with Mold Toxin for 12 years; Doctor with Propyl Alcohol (Solvent Toxicity) for 18 years; RN with fatal child's Pet
disease and HPV; Husband wife with radio-active smoking toxicity-Polonium;

High Profile persons are extremely difficult to contact, help and unaware of how to find effective alternative health testing sources. LED has the
most sophisticated READING protocol in world, uses the safest self remedies and choses best follow-up.  Want to very much help others
 but unable to communicate timely with King ofJordan to eradicate his cancer; Walter Payton to eradicate his rare liver toxicity, Charles Schultz
to eradicate his cancer.  Protocolmust respect every very private person but did not want them to die prematurely.  Each disease is very distinct to
protocol and so is its safe correct solution. LED READINGS are more comprehensive than DNA
(is principally for genetic diseases).

Parkinson, Alzheimer & Encephalitis Case READINGS show new discovery use for Diamagnetic Water
See Diamagnetics on main page

Parkinson's Disease of Billy Graham, Pope John Paul II, Mohammed Ali, Michael J Fox, Janet Reno-
(what pathogen,toxin,obstruction affect these persons and at what rate-we know each person's condition);
Alzheimer of President Ronald Reagan-
(pathogens are very distinct to us, selfremedies can help but protocol must be asked first);
We respect a every person's choice, privacy and realize their problem before it happens but they find it difficult to understand why protocol does.
Encephalitis of Lisa Minelli-protocols know the condition cause but she must make her choice;
Prostate Cancer of Michael Milken-(Pathogens still active even after his prior therapy).
Rare diseases of Karen Duffy, Julie Andrews, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielburg and Walter Payton

Everyone can relate in some way to the Unusual Cases, Famous Persons, Presidents, Billionaires, 50 Most Powerful Woman in 1998, 100th High
School Class NLE Study, shooters of  High Schools and Memorial Day Life Saved.  Protocols make every effort to Help if contacted.  You can
email our web page to anyone who needs LED READING, Self Remedies, Cleanses, Artery Plaque Removal to offer your Helpful information.  Ask
your friends to READ web page information and recommend it for reading.  It can save your Life or loved ones if they become or are informed.

READING or No Donation
LED Guarantees to READ for any Pathogen, Toxin or Obstruction causing your disease or "No Donation". READINGS are before and after. Self
Remedies are with READING.

Celebrities      date          NLE    Path Tox  Ob Path1 Path 2 T1 T2  O1 O2= ConfirmSelfRemedy Liv C BEK 5%Dia
Carrie Fisher  12/21/00  4726k   2       0     2   3152 1497               4    73 = 4726    Yes        Yes    Yes   Yes