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LifeEnergyDynamics Identifies 421+ Pathogen Toxin Obstructions
Pathogen, Toxin,Obstruction tests;Diseases Names & Pains-head to toe lists
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1. Pathogens are (review lists below) Bacteria, Parasites, Tapeworms, Wart Viruses, Viruses, Yeast, Miscellaneous, Mites and Unlisted.
2. Toxins are (review lists below) Mold, Miscellaneous, Solvents, Metals and Unknowns.
3. Obstructions are (review lists below) Gallstones, its Crystals, Kidneystones, its Crystals and Artery Plaque of Heart or Neck.

To access 323 of 421+  listed Pathogens, Toxins or Obstructions Tested - select one item but Read Each (7) sections  5bacteria.html 
 6MisTape.html      7ParasitesMites.html   8VirusWartYeast.html    9MetalUnk.html     10SolventMold.html     11gallkid.html

To access Diseases-43 Common Names or Head to Toe Pains select 1

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